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Devices for thickness measurement
of micro- and nanometer films

Russian Patent N 2233430. Method for videomeasurement of film thickness. Published 27.07.2004. Bulletin 21.
Useful model certificate N 28391. Device for videomeasurement of film thickness. Published 20.03.2003. Bulletin 8.
Russian Patent N 2096791. Device for measurement of parameters of dielectric materials. Published 20.11.97. Bulletin 32.
Russian Patent N 2094811. Gunn-diode device for measurement of parameters of dielectric materials. Published 27.10.97. Bulletin 30.

D.A. Usanov, Al.V. Skripal, An.V. Skripal, A.V. Abramov


They are designed for: non-destructive measurement of parameters of metal and dielectric films during techno-logical process and on final products. The measurement system allows one to measure thickness of metal-dielectric and absorbing films in nanometer range with accuracy, unachievable before.

Field of application: micro- and nanoelectronics, interfe-rence microscopy, instrument-making industry, machine-building, acoustoelectronics, chemical industry, medical technics.

In comparison with analogs the multiparameter measurement with extended range of parameters values is provided.

Device for
radio-wave measurements

It consists of microwave sensor, preamplifier, memory sell, power supply, zero correction system, data processing unit.

Operation principle is based on the autodyne detection effect. Semi-conductor oscillator operates in the autodyne detection mode. Microwave active element (Gunn diode, microwave transistor) is the source and the receiver simultane-ously.

The device provides one with input, digital processing and storing information in computer.

Device for
video measurements

It consists of video camera, micro-interferometer MII-4, software.

Operation principle is based on the use of discovered regularities in fringe pattern on the border of metal-dielectric and absorbing films, of modern systems for image processing and of unique software interface.

The device provides one with input of high-resolution image, its prosessing and storing the results of measurements.

Performance specification:
  • Measurements range:
    metal films
    0.01-15.0 mm
    dielectric films
    1-1000 mm
  • Measurements inaccuracy:
  • Resolving power:
    2 nm
  • Metal film materials:
    aluminium, vanadium, copper,
    nickel, titanium, chromium
  • Substrate materials:
    silicon, gallium arsenide,
    sapphire, glass, quartz
  • Measurement duration:
    not more than 10 s
  • Power supply:
    220 ± 20 V, 50-60 Hz.
    Devices are introduced into an industry in Moscow, Zelenograd, Saratov.


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