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"Sexual reproduction 
of flowering plants"


    Aims and problems.  Nowadays the system of higher and secondary education makes more demands to the technical equipment of its structural subdividivisions. The improvement of education system requires the using of software, educational films and other videoapplications. Therefore one of the problem at the present stage of education evolution in Russia is the development of the educational programs based on the using of audio and videosystems means.

  Level of requests:

The plan - project of educational-scientific films
    Development and creation of educational film "Sexual reproduction of flowering plants", that is an auxiliary educational material self-education or audition learning of the course "Botany" and special course "Embryology of plants".

The brief contents of the film

    Film "Sexual reproduction of flowering plants" contains the detailed information about the structure and functioning of flower elements. The original cytological preparations and "alive" materials at the microscopic level are used. The film includes 6 parts, each is devoted to the study of separate structures: 1) Flower - organ of sexual reproduction; 2) Male generative cells; 3) Female generative cells; 4) Fertilization; 5) Embryo and endosperm; 6) Mature seed. Film is recommended for the students of biological departments of universities and colleges, agricultural institutes, pupils of secondary schools, and also the popular scientific TV and other programs.
Technical characteristics
Duration of film not less than 10 minutes
Form of presentation CD laser disk
Resolution 512x384

Scientific supervisor:  Usanov Dmitry Alexandrovich
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